Heating Installation

If you've had the misfortune of your heater running out, we know it's a stress to say the least, but help is only a phone call away with C & S Heat and Air LLC! Servicing all makes and models, we can easily replace and install a new furnace to provide optimal heat year-round.

If you're unsure if your heater needs to be replaced, our team can come out to evaluate your furnace to determine it's longevity. Want to save money on those energy bills? Having a new furnace installed is a key way to cut down on energy expenses!

Heating Repairs

Problems with your furnace can arise for a variety of reasons. Lack of maintenance, dirty filters a malfunctioning thermostat---these are just a few of the common issues we see that cause furnaces to not function properly. When you notice these problems arise, be sure to make C & S Heat and Air LLC your first choice! We can expertly perform any repair you need on your heater.

Heating Maintenance

Part of what keeps any machine running optimally is the care and maintenance that goes into it. That's why here at C & S Heat and Air LLC, we don't just install and repair heaters, we maintain them. When you need routine inspections of your gas lines to check for leaks, we're on it! Some of our maintenance services include removing and cleaning burners and fan switches to adjusting pilot lights and more. Call us today at (501) 278-6584 to learn more about what we can do for your furnace!