Why You Need HVAC Services Sooner Than Later

We get it. Most of us never pick up the phone to call an HVAC specialist until there's a problem. But we're here to tell you why it's worth the investment to pick up the phone or better yet---have scheduled HVAC maintenance. HVAC units are almost in constant use and as with any machine, they require check-ups. Think of it as your vehicle; you have to get oil changes, fluids checked, etc. So why shouldn't your heating and air system receive the same treatment? That's what we're here for. We specialize in maintaining your system so you can avoid massive HVAC repair costs or a new system before it's time. Because trust us, it's really worth the investment.

As part of our routine HVAC maintenance services, we check your fluids, install clean air filters, check for water leaks, clean and remove debris, check the condensate drain, check all connections and settings and more!

Your commercial heating and cooling unit is a workhorse. Don't let these common commercial HVAC problems leave you stranded! C &S Heat and Air is here to help!

Preventive Tips

So how can you help your HVAC system run more efficiently? We're here to provide a few tips and insights. To begin with, don't skip your seasonal tune-ups! We know it's easy to overlook but bringing in an HVAC specialist once or twice a year can make a world of difference in how your system performs. Another word of advice, don't block your air vents. Seems simple enough, but if air is not able to move freely through your home it creates more work for your HVAC unit. Also, pay attention to the outdoor surroundings of your system, too. We recommend checking your air conditioner once a week to clear away any debris or build-up. Finally, monitor fluctuations on your bill and how your unit performs on a weekly to monthly basis. Just keeping aware of slight changes can help prevent full break-downs.